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In this growing digital market, Mobile Apps are the new key to the success of your business. Mobile apps are not just handy to use but also easily accessible as they are installed in your mobile phones and always visible whenever you scroll through your apps thus reminding of the same.

We at Meliorative Solutions provide all kinds of Mobile App development services which make us one of the leading Mobile App Development Company in USA and India. From simple and lucid to complex and intricate app designing we are having your back to provide you with the best in the market mobile app to grow your business and customers. We develop cross-platform apps for businesses that have thousands of installs and millions of users around the world.

iOS App Development

Being the leading iOS App Development company, we have a team of best in the market expert iOS developers to develop and deliver your iOS App. We deliver high-performance iPhone apps that are both engaging and provide a seamless user experience. Our developers create your App using the latest frameworks and languages supported by the iOS platform and also analyze and strategize the life cycle of your product for long-term business growth.

Android App Development

In today's world Android is the fastest growing operating system for mobile phones. We provide Android App development services ranging from custom app development to enterprise-level app development. Our team of top-notch android developers design and develop the application using the latest Android Framework platform and developers tools so that your application is secure as well as provides the best user experience.

Our Mobile App Development Road Map

Getting the Requirement

The step towards any successful application is a clear picture of clients' requirements. Being the leading App Development agency in USA Our experts interact with our client for getting a clear picture of the business goal of the client so that an application most suitable for that can be provided. We understand every aspect of the business goal in every possible way out so that the final app which we deliver is the best definition of the goal which your business wants to achieve.

Creating Proposal

Once the requirement is provided then our team creates a proposal that needs to be shared with the client. The proposal is created keeping in mind the complexity of the app, the frameworks, UI & UX requirements, technology to be used, plugins required to create the app.

Development Stage

Once the requirement is taken and the proposal is provided, our expert app developers and UI & UX designers come together to design your Application. Our UI & UX developers design the visual display and aesthetic aspects of your app keeping in mind the users which the app is targeting. Once the visual aspects are decided our team of expert app developers comes into play where the backend codings are done using the latest Android SDK and technologies are used to create the masterpiece.

Quality and Security Testing

Once the application is developed, rigorous multistage testing of the application is done where each and every aspect of the application right from the visual aspects to the controls and other factors are tested to provide a seamless user experience. Security testing of the application is also done as per the market standards where each and every security check is done in order to avoid any kind of security glitch. Even the slightest of security concerns are kept in mind so that the application is perfectly secure to use.

Application Deployment

Once the application is developed and the testing is done it is the application is made live on various digital platforms from where the application can be downloaded and made accessible to the different users to use.


Once the application is deployed, our support team continuously monitors the app responses and is there to have your back in case of any glitch or issues.

Why Choose Meliorative Solutions

We are the best App development agency in USA with a varied number of satisfied clients. We are a team of experienced and top-notch app developers which are the best in their work. At Meliorative Solutions we understand the vision of the client and the business requirement which lurks within the idea.

  • Cost-Effective Application development.
  • Team of Experienced professional developers.
  • Through analysis of clients' business structure to provide the best application.
  • Fully transparent workflow model. Each and every detail of the product is discussed with the client.
  • Applications are designed in the latest framework and technologies to provide cross-platform support as well as the best user experience.
  • Delivery of completed application within the provided time limit.
Android or iOS? What to choose as the Application Platform

A mobile app is a great way to boost your business online. It's a good opportunity to get more of your customer’s loyalty by providing them with an option to use your business on any smartphone or tablet. In today's digital era there are two best mobile app platforms in which you can get your mobile app developed, well it's either Android or iOS. Fight between these two App development market leaders i.e. Android and iOS is never-ending as the two are best at their places. In today's market where Android is the major app development environment covering around 80% of the market with a maximum number of downloads and installs but at the same time, it cannot be ignored that the iOS applications have more monetization capability.

There are pros and cons of each development platform like android apps can be used on any company mobile phone which works on Android OS whereas in iOS the application can only be used in an Apple iPhone. The investment of Launching an Android App is much less as compared to iOS App due to the various checklists of the iPhone App Store. If you take Monetization into the picture then iOS app is more monetizing since the Apps are paid apps and the user has to buy the apps for using them which makes the iOS apps more monetizing as Android apps are available both for paid as well as free apps. So there are many other factors that affect deciding which platform to choose. You should discuss with the concerned company developer for the best idea for developing your app whether it be Android or iOS.



Why should we choose Meliorative Solutions over other companies

At Meliorative Solutions we understand the importance of the client's business goals and deliver as per the market standards. We are a team of best in market top-notch developers and UI & UX developers who interact with you to get a clear picture of your business, the audience you are targeting and many other factors to design a unique and best app for your business success. We develop apps that can stand high in the competitive market amongst the top competitors.

Why do we need Mobile App if we have a website

Mobile Apps are the new mantra for success in this digital era. Mobile apps are easily downloadable and can be installed in compatible mobile, tablets, and nowadays even smart TV whereas Websites are web portals that can be accessed through Browsers.

What is the cost of developing a Mobile App

Generally the cost of the mobile app development depends on the platform for which the application is being developed and the complexity of the app. iOS applications are costly to make as compared to Android applications also the more complex the app the more it can cost.

Can we make changes in the App after the deployment

Of Course you can do changes after the deployment of the Mobile App as well as it is highly recommended as well. It is recommended to launch the app with the simplest version of your application and as per the response to the application by the users, you can make further changes and make new implementations in the applications as per requirement.